Choosing an Alcohol Counselor

Choosing an Alcohol Counselor


First of all, a person with addiction problem has to feel as much comfortable as possible so discussion with a chosen counselor can be as much true and honest to be solved thoroughly and quickly. An important fact to remember is that the counselor is just a guide and patient’s activity and will is the foundation of success. Once you make a list of few chosen counselors, it is best to talk with them, prepare any questions and concerns that are on your mind, this will help a lot in making the right choice.


Experience of a counselor may be based on various types of conditions, cases, and situations based on alcohol addiction. Paying attention to this and location, cost and provided types of therapies it will work for sure narrow your list significantly.


Holding a degree in psychology doesn’t necessarily mean that counselor is properly licensed in practice and field. This is also a good area to check recommendations and reviews.

Therapy type

Therapies are usually based on the types of conditions they treat. Sometimes counselor combines few of them in their sessions. This depends on individual progress in recovery and conditions in the personal case of an addict.

Insurance plan

Your insurance provider could be able to provide you a list of counselors in your insurance plan. Checking details of what is covered is very important, for example, some of the insurance companies cover only a few sessions and not all that you need in your therapy.


Feeling any sense of uncomfortability, uneasiness or hesitation while discussing with your counselor means simple to stop immediately and find other option. It is most important to be relaxed and trust you, counselor, while opening your darkest moments and problems so he could understand your situation. There is no second-guessing here.

Each person’s recovery will vary because the process is simply different for everyone. But no matter how long is your struggle going on or how much you drink be aware that counseling will make a significant difference on your way to prosperity. Preventing triggers and controlling cravings are little advice of huge impact that the only counselor can introduce you to.