• Too much alcohol or not?

    Too much alcohol or not?   You can use alcohol for relaxing of your body and mind, with dinner or with French cheese, you can use it for many things, even for starting a fire in your fireplace. The real problem starts when you use it too often for the relaxation of your body and […]

  • Types of counseling therapy for alcoholism

    Types of counseling therapy for alcoholism   Changing perceptions, behaviors, and feelings associated with alcohol use may be done with proper counseling. Coping with triggers, avoiding relapses and controlling cravings are just some parts of counseling that successfully build a way to prosperity. Alcoholism is so dangerous it causes various and outnumbering deaths all over […]

  • Choosing an Alcohol Counselor

    Choosing an Alcohol Counselor   First of all, a person with addiction problem has to feel as much comfortable as possible so discussion with a chosen counselor can be as much true and honest to be solved thoroughly and quickly. An important fact to remember is that the counselor is just a guide and patient’s […]