• Why Alcoholics Anonymous Has Helped Millions

    The origins of Alcoholics Anonymous dates back to the mid-1930s when two highly successful professional men with severe alcohol addictions learned to overcome their dependencies after witnessing a friend and colleague with a similar problem beat his addiction by tackling the problem head on and committing to making significant lifestyle changes. The Basic Principles Of […]

  • Too much alcohol or not?

    Too much alcohol or not?   You can use alcohol for relaxing of your body and mind, with dinner or with French cheese, you can use it for many things, even for starting a fire in your fireplace. The real problem starts when you use it too often for the relaxation of your body and […]

  • Types of counseling therapy for alcoholism

    Types of counseling therapy for alcoholism   Changing perceptions, behaviors, and feelings associated with alcohol use may be done with proper counseling. Coping with triggers, avoiding relapses and controlling cravings are just some parts of counseling that successfully build a way to prosperity. Alcoholism is so dangerous it causes various and outnumbering deaths all over […]

  • Choosing an Alcohol Counselor

    Choosing an Alcohol Counselor   First of all, a person with addiction problem has to feel as much comfortable as possible so discussion with a chosen counselor can be as much true and honest to be solved thoroughly and quickly. An important fact to remember is that the counselor is just a guide and patient’s […]

Our New Offices

As we moved to our new offices now we can provide much more to our clients, so together we may rise in prosperity and make more positive results than ever.

About Us

Main passion of our professional team is consisted of striving to help and raise awareness and spread valuable information as much possible about alcohol abuse. The goal is to make contact not only with those in need but also with those in their surroundings. By education of wide range of people about dangers of alcohol and alcohol addiction and guiding them through treatment programs is a most effective way to reduce the number of addicts. We work with many drug and alcohol rehabs in Columbus such as Columbus Recovery Center to help people stay sober after their addiction treatment. 

Some of our members of the team have personal experiences with alcohol addictions so they really can understand from every point of view the person that needs help and deliver to individual needed top-notch information and resources. We always take care to provide latest information and news about successful treatment options and recovery services. We are fully aware that staying independent is the best way to serve yourself and the community how at this very moment so in the future.

What Is AA

Alcoholic Anonymous is an international organization of men and women who had close experiences with drinking problems and are open to help anybody in a similar situation without racial, political or religious views.


Our courses in Counseling Alcoholics will provide a complete map of defining, diagnosing and treatment of alcoholism. Recognizing typical alcohol problems, understanding proper treatments and prevention of relapse are just some of the main elements which give a perfect start for a good counselor.


At the moment we are searching for qualified AA Counselor.Job position is full time, and we require a person with finished Associate’s or bachelor’s program in Substance Abuse Counseling. Any experience would be advance.

Training Programs and Requirements

Individuals interested in Alcoholic Anonymous Counseling have to pass some specific requirements of their state to become certified Counselor. In every state, standards may vary. Programs may be pursued at the certificate, bachelors and master degree levels. Through these programs needed experience is gained in different specialty areas. Level of education will for sure determine working environment and salary amount. From volunteering in Alcoholic Anonymous groups to human organizations and government agencies, every qualification will find its position to help people.

Still Doubting?

  • “After many years of struggling with addiction, by the recommendation of my dear friend I finally found the place I had to be from the first start. I needed help, and I got it!”

    Patrick Muller
    founder of “City Slide”

  • “This is a place where everybody will understand your need to help people and in that order instruct you in just the right way to fulfill your passion.”

    Patricia Jamora
    house cleaner

  • “Unfortunately I had many loved ones in surroundings with alcohol problems and very bad personal experiences, but these people helped me to see the way to help the people I love instead of watching helplessly.”

    Patrick Felaini
    member of City Council


Depending on the patient’s health situation, needed time and level of counseling quality, there are few categories of services we provide.

$30 -50


30-50 dollars per hour

$5 – 10


5-10 dollars per hour

$15- 20


15-20 dollars per hour